Tableau Product Incompatibilities
Tableau strives to ensure our products remain compatible with all variants of storage devices that exist. Unfortunately there are some compatibility issues we are not able to fix via a firmware update. This page lists the storage devices known to be incompatible with Tableau products, along with notes and suggested workarounds when possible.
Incompatibility Issues For All Tableau ModelsMore Details
Defective Seagate Barracuda hard disks cause damage to Tableau T35imore
Powering SCSI hard disks with T3458is/T34589ismore
Maxtor DiamondMax 10 3.5" Hard Disk with TD1more
Samsung HPA/DCO Limitation with TD1more
SuperTalent 15GB uSATA FLASH Drive with T35e/T35esmore
SuperTalent 8GB FLASH Drive with Older Tableau SATA Productsmore
Fujitsu M2724TAM 1.6GB IDE HDD with T35e and T35es more

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