Tableau Firmware Update Revision History for v7.22
Released:February, 16 2018
Affected Models:TX1


This release includes a firmware update for the Forensic Imager (TX1). The changes are described below.

Forensic Imager (TX1) - version 1.2

Check out the updated TX1 version 1.2 User Guide.

TX1 SD Card SHA-256 hash value: 316de70d517c82ca448b80ef7a8f365db981553d0416d84cd6e3ec7a3bb6ed4c

New Features

  • Image Apple Macs with USB-C in target disk mode (TDM) - A user can now image Apple Macs with a USB-C port in TDM. Connect the Mac to the TX1 using a USB-A to USB-C cable such as this Belkin cable available from many suppliers including Apple. [TBL-2523]
  • Restore image to drive - A user can now restore a drive image previously made with the TX1 to one or more destination drives. The source image can be a file or set of files in any of the TX1 supported file formats such as E01, Ex01, or raw images (DD or DMG). A restore icon now exists on the Home screen to start a restore job. [TBL-2503]
  • Export drive as iSCSI target for remote access - A user can now export source, destination, or accessory drives connected to the TX1 as read-only iSCSI targets. A remote user can connect to the exported TX1 iSCSI targets from another computer using an iSCSI client (initiator) to browse the filesystem or image it over the network. [TBL-2504]
  • Shelve & restore DCO on source drive after duplication - When duplicating a source drive with a DCO configured, a user can now choose to have the TX1 automatically remove the DCO, duplicate the drive, and then attempt to restore the original DCO back to the drive. [TBL-2520]
  • Dynamic accessory drive menu - A user can now view and manage accessory drives through the drive menu located at the bottom of the Home screen. The accessory drive menu dynamically appears while a USB accessory is connected to the front of the TX1. [TBL-2521]


  • A user may now mount a CIFS share using SMB versions 2.1 and 3 (3.02). [TBL-2488]
  • A user can now conveniently view the forensic log associated with a job by tapping on a button named "View log" that appears on the job detail screen when a job is complete. A button to view the associated job also now displays on a forensic log screen when a job is complete. [TBL-2303]
  • The TX1 now boots about 8 seconds faster. [TBL-2411]
  • Read performance is now faster for SATA and SAS drives. [TBL-2357]
  • Overall performance is now faster when performing jobs on drives with the ExFAT filesystem. [TBL-2575]
  • The media utilities are now accessible for a drive from any context. [TBL-2519]
  • A user can now eject a drive from the Media Utilities screen. [TBL-2415]
  • The TX1_packed_log file now displays at the top of the list of files in a directory for easier selection during a Verify or Restore job. [TBL-2756]
  • A user can now simply restore the TX1 default settings in addition to resetting the TX1 to a factory default state. [TBL-2270]
  • The CIFS Share input field now displays a hint value showing the expected format for entering the share path on the Mount CIFS Share screen. [TBL-2348]
  • When performing a Verify job with only one destination connected, the TX1 will now automatically select the destination. [TBL-2335]
  • The date and time value displayed on the sidenav menu is now a shortcut link to the Date and time section of the System settings screen. [TBL-2237]
  • The IP address value displayed on the sidenav menu is now a shortcut link to the Network settings screen. [TBL-2238]
  • The Firmware version value displayed on the sidenav menu is now also a shortcut link to the About screen. [TBL-2239]
  • When editing the name of a new folder in the Browse screen, a user can now press the Enter key to submit the name and exit out of the edit dialog. [TBL-2580]
  • When a user enters the job setup screen while the TX1 is formatting a destination drive, the default/suggested duplication type is now Image instead of Clone, when a user selects the drive as a destination after the format is complete. [TBL-2314]
  • A confirmation prompt now displays when a user removes a queued job from the Job screen. [TBL-2687]
  • A warning now displays when a user attempts to format a drive larger than 2 TiB with a FAT32 filesystem. [TBL-2286]
  • A warning now displays when users attempt to configure invalid default setting combinations in the Defaults settings screen. [TBL-2318]
  • A warning now displays when a user attempts to perform a factory reset when there is an active job. [TBL-2341]
  • A warning now displays when a user performs a clone job where the source and destination drives have different block sizes. The user may proceed with the clone job, but the destination clone may be unreadable. [TBL-2449]
  • A more specific message now displays when a user reaches the maximum job queue depth. [TBL-2285]
  • A duplication job no longer fails when it detects conflicting image file names on the destination drive, and will instead automatically append a number to the end of the new image file names to make them unique. [TBL-2419]
  • The Backing drive sector size value for an encrypted drive now wraps to a second line on the Drive details screen. [TBL-2354]
  • The forensic log now reports "File Format: DD/DMG" instead of "File Format: DD" when DD or DMG file format is selected for an image job. [TBL-2086]
  • The Job Status for a Duplication job now displays "DCO Trimming" instead of "DCO Trimming Destinations" while applying a DCO to trim a clone destination to match the size of the source drive. [TBL-2725]

Issues Fixed

  • The TX1 is now compatible with newer NVMe drives. [TBL-2397, TBL-2476]
  • The TX1 now automatically replaces illegal characters entered in text input fields with an underscore character. [TBL-2343]
  • The TX1 now checks NTFS filesystems connected to the destination side by replaying the journal before mounting them to attempt to prevent filesystem corruption. [TBL-2437]
  • The TX1 is now less restrictive when scanning partitions for filesystems to improve detection of drives with incorrect or corrupt partitions. [TBL-2679]
  • HPA removal now works properly for small drives configured with a 48-bit HPA. [TBL-2605]
  • The Trim option is now disabled for non-ATA destination drives. [TBL-2295]
  • When a user performs a DCO removal on an IDE drive connected to the TX1 using the Tableau PCIe to IDE adapter (TDA7-5), the TX1 now informs the user that a reboot will be required and performed at the end of the DCO removal in order to redetect the IDE drive. [TBL-2282]
  • When an unlocked encrypted drive disconnects during a Verify job, the drive is now properly removed from the destinations list and the job fails. [TBL-2344]
  • Performing certain media utilities on an unlocked encrypted drive no longer causes the TX1 to believe encryption was removed from the drive after redetection. [TBL-2474]
  • The TX1 can now properly encrypt drives with non-512 byte logical sectors. [TBL-2686, TBL-2722]
  • Duplicating to a destination 4k USB drive now works properly. [TBL-2761]
  • A drive that is first formatted with the EXT4 filesystem on the TX1 while connected to the destination side, then moved to the source side, now properly detects the EXT4 filesystem. [TBL-2433]
  • The TX1 no longer incorrectly reports that a drive without HPA support has an HPA limiting the drive size. [TBL-2724]
  • A user can now remove a DCO from a drive after being encrypted by the TX1. [TBL-2727]
  • When too many devices are attached to the TX1 during the boot sequence, the TX1 now reboots instead of hanging indefinitely. [TBL-2678]
  • Deleting a saved network share bookmark will no longer cause the TX1 to become unresponsive in certain cases. [TBL-2755]
  • A log entry is now removed from the displayed log list as soon as it is deleted. [TBL-2800]
  • The status of an unlocked encrypted drive is now spelled properly in the drive detail screen. [TBL-2723]
  • The Duplication results section header in the forensic log now reports "Duplication Results" instead of "Disk-to-Disk Duplication Results" for Image jobs. [TBL-2743]
  • The IP address for an iSCSI share now displays properly in the drive detail screen. [TBL-2750]
  • The CIFS Nickname value now properly displays "None" when the nickname value is undefined. [TBL-2751]
  • The log for a Hash job now reports "Hash …" instead of "Acquisition …" for the hash result. [TBL-2204]
  • Text input fields now wrap the value when it is longer than the width available for one line. [TBL-2316]
  • The connected drive count value now updates properly when navigating to the Home screen from the job screen in certain cases. [TBL-2760]
ModelTimestampVersion Code
ModelTimestampVersion Code
T3Feb 14 2008 15:02:06n/a
T3uFeb 14 2008 15:02:06n/a
T4Jun 27 2007 09:40:43n/a
T5Feb 14 2008 15:02:06n/a
T6esFeb 20 2013 16:47:04n/a
TDP6Aug 10 2017 09:48:091.1.1
T7uAug 09 2017 07:56:321.6.0
T8Jul 21 2011 18:03:02n/a
T8-R2Feb 19 2013 16:54:16n/a
T8uOct 31 2016 11:47:271.5.0
T9Nov 10 2010 14:00:52n/a
T10Feb 14 2008 12:38:05n/a
T12Feb 14 2008 12:55:02n/a
T14Feb 14 2008 12:38:11n/a
T15Feb 14 2008 12:38:13n/a
T35eSep 12 2011 11:33:47n/a
T35esJan 23 2013 12:20:26n/a
T35iFeb 14 2008 12:38:19n/a
T3iuSep 15 2015 11:21:22n/a
T35uSep 15 2015 11:19:41n/a
T35u-R2Sep 15 2015 11:20:35n/a
T35689iuJun 08 2015 11:43:21n/a
T356789iuOct 13 2017 12:38:081.6.1
TDM1Nov 16 2015 13:04:26n/a
T335Feb 14 2008 12:38:27n/a
T345Feb 14 2008 12:38:22n/a
T3458isJun 15 2012 10:05:04n/a
T34589isSep 17 2012 15:22:39n/a
TACC144xSep 12 2007 15:22:05n/a
TDW1Sep 29 2011 13:39:38n/a
TD1Oct 24 2012 17:38:172.39
TD2May 02 2013 21:35:474.01
TD2uNov 28 2017 14:31:221.3.0

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