Tableau Firmware Update Revision History for v7.28
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Released:June 7, 2019
Affected Models:TD3, TX1


This release includes a firmware update for the Tableau Forensic Imager models TX1 and TD3. The changes are described below.

TX1 Forensic Imager - version 2.2

Please download and read the updated TX1 2.2 User Guide to learn how to use the new features included in this release.TX1 version 2.2 User Guide.

TX1 SD card package SHA-256 hash value: 0f4f39d13b05c74c05a725438696c2933a3de02b1c1733f2bf531595f43235ab

New features

  • A user can now lock the TX1 screen with a temporary PIN code to secure the unit while unattended. A message at the top of the lock screen indicates the date and time the unit was locked. [TBL-2633]
  • Logical image searches can now be saved to the TX1 allowing a user to create, name, and store complicated or commonly used searches for future use. Saved searches can be managed by navigating to Default Settings -> Manage Saved Searches. [TBL-2962]
  • A user can now list the shares available to mount on a CIFS server by entering the server name or IP address, credentials if required by the server, and tapping the LIST SHARES button. [TBL-3199]
  • When entering a password, a user can now toggle between showing or hiding the password by tapping on the visibility icon to the right of the field. [TBL-3364]
  • The Accessible Max Address (AMA) feature set for ATA/ATAPI Command Set (ACS) - 3 based drives is now supported. Like HPA and DCO, the TX1 now reports drives that are detected with hidden areas configured using the AMA feature set, can permanently disable AMA, and can shelve and restore AMA during a duplication job. [TBL-2988], [TBL-3031]
  • The TX1 now detects volumes (filesystems) of drives configured as a Windows Dynamic Disk using the simple or mirrored volume types. [TBL-3110]
  • In uncommon situations where the TX1 operating temperature increases and passes critical thresholds, a warning triangle will now display in the top navigation bar. A yellow warning triangle indicates the unit is reaching higher than normal temperatures and tapping on the triangle displays some areas to check for potential causes. A red triangle indicates the unit is close to exceeding the allowed maximum operating temperature. A popup message also displays to inform the user the system is extremely hot and that continued use may cause permanent damage. [TBL-3205]


  • The Drive Details screen and forensic log now report the drive partition style (MBR, GPT, or 'None Recognized') and when a drive is configured as a Windows Dynamic Disk ('Windows LDM single drive', or 'Windows LDM multiple drives'). [TBL-3174]
  • The Drive Details screen and forensic log now report NVMe Namespace and SCSI LUN identifier. [TBL-3256]
  • A user can now manually specify a DNS server IP address and Domain name suffix on the Network Settings screen. [TBL-2986]
  • The current Ethernet link speed is now shown on the Network Settings screen. [TBL-3343]
  • When a CIFS network share fails to mount, more detail now displays about why it failed. [TBL-3294]
  • Lack of an established network connection will now prevent attempts to mount network CIFS shares and iSCSI targets. [TBL-3201]
  • The TX1 now attempts to resolve a CIFS server name using NetBIOS over TCP/IP in addition to DNS. Previously when a DNS server was not available, an attempt to mount a CIFS share using the server name instead of its IP address would fail. [TBL-3333]
  • The TX1 now properly detects drives that use the alternative drive capacity identification method from the ATA/ATAPI Command Set (ACS) - 2 specification. [TBL-2990]
  • The TX1 Secure Erase operation is now compatible with more drives. [TBL-3230]
  • The TX1 now displays a message to indicate when Daylight Savings Time is in effect in the Time zone section of the System Settings screen. [TBL-3142]
  • When selecting an encrypted source drive for an operation that requires a filesystem, such as Logical Imaging, the drive tile now displays a warning that the TX1 could not detect a filesystem on the drive along with the detected encryption type. Previously the drive tile warning message reported only that the 'Drive has no recognized filesystems'. [TBL-3147]
  • The Tableau Encrypted line in the forensic log, which is used to indicate the presence and status of drives encrypted with Tableau-style whole disk encryption, now displays one of the following values: No, Unlocked, or Locked. [TBL-3348]
  • The error messages reported in the Job Status screen and forensic log when a job fails are now improved with more detail and context. [TBL-2304], [TBL-2620], [TBL-2993], [TBL-3164]
  • When the Shelve DCO/AMA option is selected for a source drive during a duplication job, the forensic log now reports the original (DCO/AMA) state of the drive along with an indication that the DCO/AMA was shelved during the job. This additional detail provides a more accurate representation of modifications made to the drive. [TBL-2747]
  • The redundant Verification Results header displayed in the forensic log for jobs with read-back verification is no longer displayed. [TBL-3131]
  • The Factory Reset confirmation/warning message now clearly indicates that all existing logs will be deleted. [TBL-2879]
  • The shutdown confirmation message that appears when the power button is pressed now indicates when there are active jobs. [TBL-2278]
  • Imaging and verification speeds now display in the status subsections on the Job Status screen for completed logical imaging jobs. [TBL-3135]
  • A border is now displayed around the Drive Utilization section of the Drive Details screen to help indicate that the utilization information displayed when selecting and viewing filesystems is isolated from the other drive info and media utilities on the screen. [TBL-2471]
  • When returning to the log list after viewing a log, the most recently viewed log will be highlighted. [TBL-2130]

Issues Fixed

  • TX1 may incorrectly report that drives with MacOS Core Storage volumes are encrypted with FileVault 2. [TBL-3370]
  • Files and directories on HFS+ volumes named with Unicode characters that are 4-bytes long in UTF-8 may not be detected when browsing files or performing a logical imaging job. This does not affect physical duplication jobs (clone and image). [TBL-3170], [TBL-3171]
  • The TX1 does not report that MacOS Core Storage exists for drives with non-512 byte sectors. [TBL-3217]
  • Formatting certain density drives of non-512 byte sector size with the FAT filesystem can fail. [TBL-3223]
  • HPA removal may fail on specific drives. [TBL-3139]
  • The TX1 may fail to detect the filesystem on AHCI PCIe drives with an HPA configured. [TBL-3441]
  • When iSCSI Discovery succeeds, and no target shares are available, the TX1 only displays a "Discovery Successful" message. It may be unclear to some users that no target shares are available to mount from the server. [TBL-3161]
  • When the Case Number and Case Notes fields are left blank during a TX1 logical imaging job setup, they may show random characters when imported into EnCase and possibly other third party forensic tools. [TBL-3417]
  • Verification of E01 and Ex01 images will sometimes perform slower than expected. [TBL-3445]
  • Detecting filesystems with errors may take longer than normal and appear to hang. [TBL-3152],[TBL-2980], [TBL-3186]
  • Browsing or performing a logical imaging job on source filesystems with errors may take longer than normal and appear to hang. [TBL-3127]
  • Verifying or restoring image files created before TX1 version 2.0 will fail in version 2.0 and later.[TBL-3443, TBL-3444]
  • A duplication image job with more than 950 output segment files may fail read-back verification and restore operations. [TBL-3442]
  • Exporting logs to a mounted CIFS share fails. [TBL-3389]
  • After deleting all logs, some logs may still show in the log list even though they have been deleted. Moving away from and back to the log list will accurately show that all have been deleted. [TBL-3144]
  • Adding a logical imaging job to the queue when two duplication jobs are active may cause the logical imaging job to show in the Active Jobs section of that screen, even though it is queued and waiting for one of the prior duplication jobs to complete. [TBL-3179]
  • Under certain, rare conditions a zero-length forensic log file may be generated, thus causing system instability. [TBL-2339]
  • TX1 allows certain ASCII characters to be used in file and directory names that will cause issues with Windows-based systems. For example, ending a name in a period or space, and using reserved characters such as >, <, &, ", and |. [TBL-3117], [TBL-3119], [TBL-3122], [TBL-3126]
  • More than four destination drives can be selected for a logical imaging job, but only the first four will be used. [TBL-3134]
  • Labels for the blank check type setting are inconsistent between the user interface and logs. [TBL-3419]
  • The View Log button is not shown on the job status screen after a Secure Erase job. [TBL-3394]
  • Using an external USB keyboard with the TX1 may cause delays in the user interface. [TBL-3363]
  • The Job Status screen for a job with a CIFS destination will not clearly show the final status of the job in the case of a write failure. [TBL-3114]
  • The Browse option in the drive tile menu does not function on the Browse screen, when navigating from the Browse icon on the main screen. [TBL-3148]
  • The Drive Utilization graph on the Drive Details screen may not render properly with certain combinations of media and filesystem states. [TBL-3120]
  • When changing the type of file output for a duplication image job (ex01, e01, dd, dmg) in the Default Settings screen, the previously selected hash settings may be automatically changed to meet the requirements of the desired file type. Under certain conditions, the message displayed to inform the user of this automatic change is hidden behind other screen elements. [TBL-3412]

TD3 Forensic Imager - version 2.1

TD3 SD card package hash value: 0ec7a347153ae9abc53e07fc1c4d7eff2809becc


  • The operations to shelve and restore a drive’s DCO area during duplication are now recorded in the forensic log. [TBL-147]
  • The SHA1 acquisition hash is now included in E01 image files along with the MD5 hash. [TBL-809]
  • E01 and Ex01 image files created by the TD3 now reflect the TD3 firmware version in use when the files were created (for example, “TD3”) for the EnCase Version and System Version header values. [TBL-980]

Issues fixed

  • The TD3 fails to format a Western Digital WD Blue drive, model WD60EZRZ. [TBL-2065]
  • TD3 Imaging jobs with a large amount (in the thousands) of Ex01 files may fail to import into EnCase. [TBL-3407]
  • Host Protected Area (HPA) removal may not function properly on some specific drives. [TBL-3176]
ModelTimestampVersion Code
ModelTimestampVersion Code
T6esFeb 20 2013 16:47:04n/a
TDP6Aug 10 2017 09:48:091.1.1
T6uOct 19 2018 12:14:552.1.0
T7uOct 19 2018 12:14:552.1.0
T8Jul 21 2011 18:03:02n/a
T8-R2Feb 19 2013 16:54:16n/a
T8uOct 19 2018 12:14:552.1.0
T9Nov 10 2010 14:00:52n/a
T35eSep 12 2011 11:33:47n/a
T35esJan 23 2013 12:20:26n/a
T3iuSep 15 2015 11:21:22n/a
T35uSep 15 2015 11:19:41n/a
T35u-R2Sep 15 2015 11:20:35n/a
T35689iuJun 08 2015 11:43:21n/a
T356789iuOct 19 2018 12:14:552.1.0
TDM1Nov 16 2015 13:04:26n/a
T3458isJun 15 2012 10:05:04n/a
T34589isSep 17 2012 15:22:39n/a
TDW1Sep 29 2011 13:39:38n/a
TD1Oct 24 2012 17:38:172.39
TD2May 02 2013 21:35:474.01
TD2uNov 28 2017 14:31:221.3.0

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